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Reading: Nature Needs Citizenship


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Policy Paper

Nature Needs Citizenship


Kiran Hitesh Patel

About Kiran

MSc City Design and Social Science,
Class of 2019,
London School of Economics and Political Science

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Nature and society have been perceived and have
progressed as a dualism for centuries. The result of
this divide has led to nature experiencing inequality on
a global scale, with this being most prevalent where the
greatest concentrations of humans occur – cities. This
paper explores the manifestations of nature’s durable
inequality within the urban, drawing on literature and
relevant examples to dissect the concept further. Once
established, a proposal is put forward which suggests a
method of addressing this inequality through providing
citizenship – in a substantive and legal sense – to nature.
It is hypothesized that this would create necessary
protections by attributing inherent value to nature,
bringing equal status to both nature and society. This will
allow the dualism to be addressed in a more equitable
way for both parties.

How to Cite: Patel, K.H., 2020. Nature Needs Citizenship. The Public Sphere: Journal of Public Policy, 8(1).
Published on 20 Mar 2020.
Peer Reviewed


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