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Reading: Race against the Atlantis: Devastation and demur on the sinking island of Sundarbans


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Race against the Atlantis: Devastation and demur on the sinking island of Sundarbans


Saranya Basu ,

Jadavpur University, IN
About Saranya
MA in Political Science, Class of 2022, Jadavpur University
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Titas Ganguly,

Free University Berlin, DE
About Titas
MA in North American Studies, Free University Berlin
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Archi Mukherjee

Jadavpur University, IN
About Archi
Masters in Political Science, Class of 2021, Jadavpur University
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As our world becomes increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, the Sundarbans - the vast mangrove delta at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal is no different. Recent weather events in this region, particularly floods and cyclones, which have devastated the fragile ecosystem of Sundarbans and serve as a constant reminder of climate change. The photo essay is based on the case study of three islands of the Sundarbans -Ghoramara, Mousuni, Sagar, and Kakdwip, a peninsular landmass, all on the mainland of Bengal in India. Keeping the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals in mind, this essay seeks to engage and explore the synergy between social impact and environmental sustainability. We attempt to give first-person accounts of the people facing the brunt of climate change and exploring the loopholes in India’s policy formulation process. The essay will touch upon the related issues of agricultural woes, fishing industry; address issues such as food security, water access, health, and education. It will also scrutinize the role of the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and other related organizations in view of the spread of Covid-19 in this region and its impact on the region’s biodiversity. The essay attempts to delineate the idea of climate change adaptation by the local communities being a narrowly defensive action rather than a resilient transformative action, having deep socio-cultural roots. It calls for a significant change in the socio-political framework and management of the region’s approach to biodiversity in rural islands if human vulnerability to climate change depredations are meant to be reduced and sustainable development achieved.
How to Cite: Basu, S., Ganguly, T. and Mukherjee, A., 2022. Race against the Atlantis: Devastation and demur on the sinking island of Sundarbans. The Public Sphere: Journal of Public Policy, 10(1).
Published on 20 Apr 2022.
Peer Reviewed


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