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Reading: Evaluating innovation capacities of Chinese provincial governments


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Policy Paper

Evaluating innovation capacities of Chinese provincial governments


Kyunglin Park

About Kyunglin
Kyunglin Park is a recent graduate student of Local Economic Development at LSE. Her main interest lies in the role of institutions in economic development and in institutional and organizational behaviors. In particular, Kyunglin concentrates on emerging economies and lagging regions.
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In light of the growing emphasis of innovation-led growth in emerging countries, this study aims to evaluate to what extent Chinese regional governments’ characteristics influence regional innovation efficiency. The analysis is based on the time frame of 2011-2018, first estimating the efficiency level of provincial governments in terms of promoting innovation. The research continues to investigate whether government qualities affect the level of efficiency by using selected variables that may reflect government characteristics. Empirical results suggest that regional tax revenues, education, foreign investment, and highway infrastructure establishment had a positive impact on regional innovation efficiency. It was shown from the paper that while government qualities influence innovation performance, innovation capacities of Chinese regional governments have not yet reached the optimal level.
How to Cite: Park, K., 2021. Evaluating innovation capacities of Chinese provincial governments. The Public Sphere: Journal of Public Policy, 9(1).
Published on 08 May 2021.
Peer Reviewed


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