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Volume 1 -

Issue 1 - 2012

The Public Sphere is the graduate journal of international policy studies at the London School of Economics’ Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). The approach taken at the IPA seeks to address today’s most important policy dilemmas via evidence-based research in economics and political science.

The concept of the ‘Public Sphere’ lies at the core of every discussion regarding the roles of the market and the state in modern society. It arises from the need for an institutional space that allows free individuals to engage in vibrant debate about the nature of institutions and democracy, the reasons for discontent within civil society, and future opportunities for welfare enhancing reforms. Taking the name of this ‘discursive space’, this journal aims to provide its contributors and readers an active space to rethink and critically analyse today’s policy problems.

With this ideal in mind, this student journal provides research and analysis of current public policy debates and encourages a free exchange of ideas and arguments from a uniquely diverse, international student body at the LSE. The journal publishes on subjects in economic policy, public management, international affairs, development studies and social policy.